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Me, Myself and I

Steve Park

Who do you think you are?

Who you think you are is different to who you remember (or believe) you are, which is different again to who you really are.

All the most superficial elements of your personality comprise who you think you are. One of the key inversions in our current society is the ascendancy of this strata of being. You are taught that reality is to be found on this level – but you are not taught that this level is the least real.

If you are striving for power without responsibility, or if you repeat facts without holistic understanding, you are operating on this level. If your reaction to a contrary opinion is to seek to attack, eliminate or suppress it, you are operating on this level. There is no truth here. You must dig deeper…


Steve Park


If every cell in your body gets replaced every 7 years, how do you remember things that happened 8 years ago? Where are your memories stored?

The (currently) conventional view is a kind of computer-like model whereby memories are stored in the brain – specifically the cortex (the wrinkly bit on the outside). So let’s think about computers…

Bloatware = software whose usefulness is reduced because of the excessive disk space and memory it requires.

How much are your memories supporting you and helping you run efficiently? How much are they slowing you down and frustrating you?

Uninstall some of your bloatware – optimise yourself – with #hypnotherapysteve

Tempora mutantur

Steve Park

A state of (f)lux

Life flows. Times change. We live through an ever-changing stream of hours, days and seasons...

We could think of the moving point of NOW flowing along a line connecting past to future – like a boat, with an embarkation point (past) and a destination (future); with a wake and a bow wave.

So we have two elements – the eternally moving now, and its context. The NOW has no duration or dimension. All time and space, all definitions of any kind, are properties of the second component (the context).

We could say that flux (flow) is an expression of the principle of lux (light) – and therefore signifies the most illuminating, enlightened mode of being. The context is the shadow in which this light is clothed...

Health and hypnotherapy

Steve Park

A connected view –
The true end of the Dark Ages

Scientists in all fields are starting to think more holistically. We are starting to think of ecosystems rather than individual species. We know that the health of a species at the start of a food-chain affects the health of all the other species in the ecosystem.

In the same way, we are starting to understand the human body as a complex ecosystem. The average human body contains more non-human cells (belonging to bacteria and other micro-organisms) than human cells – and increasingly we are realising how the health of these populations affects the health of our system – just think of those "good bacteria" yoghurt adverts.

We are also exploring the many profound and complex interactions between our physical body, our nervous system, our endocrine system, our mind and our emotions. Finally, we are starting to emerge from a long Dark Age into this illuminating thought:

Mental and emotional health are absolutely equivalent to physical health. All are connected. All are vitally important.

Inception and hypnotherapy

Steve Park

Have you seen the 2010 film Inception ?
And what does it have to do with hypnotherapy?

From Wikipedia, we can harvest the following crop of reviews: "Inception... succeeds viscerally as well as intellectually..."; "set in the labyrinth of the unconscious mind... [it] challenges viewers to sift through multiple layers of (un)reality... "; "[It is] about fighting our way through enveloping sheets of reality and dream..."; "It's... hypnotizing..."

When you talk about the film, perhaps you too use this kind of language – multiple layers, levels, the unconscious mind, dreams, deeper understanding, real and unreal...

To remind you, the core of the plot is that a team use secret technology to "hack into" peoples' subconscious. Once there, they seek to implant an idea which the "victim" will act upon without realising it has been planted. This planting of the idea is called (in the film) "inception".

If the team just tapped into the most accessible level of a person’s subconscious, knowledge of the incursion would leak through to that person’s conscious mind and they would realise that they were being manipulated. The team therefore seek to implant the idea in a much deeper level of the subconscious. To get there, they must work down through several layers of awareness; and after "inception" they hope to find their way back up through the layers again...

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