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Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is a serious anxiety-related condition.

Sufferers of OCD experience frequent intrusive, unwelcome, distressing obsessional thoughts (obsessions)…

…And then feel compelled to carry out repetitive behaviours or rituals (compulsions) in order to prevent or alleviate whatever they were obsessively worried about.

Commonly these compulsions bring some relief to the distress caused by the obsessions, but that relief is temporary.

Sometimes the compulsive behaviours can continue as habits after the original obsession has been forgotten.

Some sufferers experience Pure-O OCD, in which there are no obvious (external) compulsions.

Around three quarters of a million people are thought to be living with severe, life impacting and debilitating Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) here in the UK.

Helpful hypnotherapy

I came to Steve to relieve some emotional issues that I had been having for a while and just felt I needed a little help. Steve put me at ease... and now I no longer feel weighed down by the negative emotions I was having.


There are several techniques we can use to help address your OCD. In a hypnotic state, the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind are more accessible, and more open to influence and change. It is therefore easier to get to the heart of an issue, and easier to process any unresolved issues while in a hypnotic state.

We believe that you carry within you (within your subconscious) all the resources you need to help you moderate or manage your OCD – but you may benefit from some expert assistance to help you get in touch with those inner resources.

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