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Pregnancy & Childbirth

Hypnotherapy is a tried and tested aid during pregnancy and birth

Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge is reported to have used hypnotherapy during both her pregnancy and the birth of Prince George and had a seemingly very relaxed birth experience, raising awareness of “Hypnobirthing” in the general public.

Only 15% of pregnant women who received hypnotherapy for childbirth required pain relief, compared to 70% needing pain relief in the non-hypnosis group.
Only 20% of mums who received hypnotherapy required an epidural, compared to 70% in the group that received no hypnosis.
Pregnant women who had received hypnotherapy stood a 20% reduced risk of experiencing an induction and a 16.5% reduced risk of experiencing a C-section.
(According to the American Hypno-Birthing Institute)

In one British study, it was found that 70 hypnosis patients spent an average of 6h 21m in labour, while 70 participants that received no hypnosis spent an average of 9h 45m in labour.

Helpful hypnotherapy

Sometimes a distinction is made between Hypno-Birthing (the use of hypnosis to aid in a number of factors both during pregnancy and birth) and Hypnotic Delivery (hypnotic anaesthesia to manage or switch off pain during delivery) – but in practice there is very little need for such a distinction.

The aims of hypno-birthing treatment may include:

  • Helping you learn how to relax
  • Helping you feel confident you can give birth
  • Helping you develop a positive outlook
  • Helping you all your body do what it is designed to do
  • Helping you manage symptoms during pregnancy
  • Helping you manage symptoms during birth
  • Helping you manage contractions
  • Helping you manage pain and discomfort
  • Helping you stay as calm and free of tension as possible

In a hypnotic state, the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind are more accessible, and more open to influence and change.

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Please note that I am not able or qualified to give you medical advice. Before using hypnotherapy to help you with pregnancy and childbirth you must already be in the medical system.

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