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Guilt and Shame

Guilt is a feeling of worry or unhappiness because you think or feel you have done something wrong, such as causing harm to another person.

Guilt and shame are extremely common feelings. Shame is similar to guilt, but you do not feel so responsible because you do not feel you could have done anything to change the outcome.

Some people can be victims of excessive guilt and constant 'second guessing' of themselves and their actions.

Other people are weighed down by guilt relating to a specific incident or incidents in the past.

Both women and men can feel guilty if they feel they are not living up to expectations (the expectations of society, or of parents, or social groups). These expectations can relate to lifestyle, accomplishments, appearance, relationships, or just a perceived expectation that you should be 'coping' or handling your current situation better than you are.

Feelings of guilt are very commonly experienced as part of the grieving process.

"Guilt can either hold you back from growing, or it can show you what you need to shift in your life."

Helpful hypnotherapy

Since experiencing the deep and beautiful work that Steve does, I notice that I am able to enjoy the process of performing and creating, without the ancient terror and possibility of shame and failure holding me back.


Why suffer from your guilt or shame? Historically, people suffering with physical pain have been far more likely to seek help than those experiencing mental or emotional pain. However, we believe that your mental and emotional health is just as important as your physical health.

We believe that you carry within you (within your subconscious) all the resources you need to help you manage, moderate and properly process your guilt – but you may benefit from some expert assistance to help you get in touch with those inner resources.

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