Online hypnotherapy

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it - Einstein

Online Hypnosis

Online hypnosis

Hypnotherapy via Skype

Did you know that online hypnosis (and online hypnotherapy) work just as well as being in the same room as your therapist?

Many hypnotherapists conduct their practice solely through Skype.

The great benefit, of course, is that you can have a session from almost anywhere in the world - perhaps if something comes up for you while you are away on business, or just if you live too far away to meet face-to-face.

As an actress who has to travel away to work, I have found working with Steve on Skype so useful; a wonderful tool to be able to have when away from home!... a deep and beautiful experience.


Hypnosis is a spectrum of perfectly normal, natural states of mind which you put yourself into dozens of times every day. Have you ever daydreamed? Have you ever found yourself driving 'on autopilot'? Or got 'lost' in a book or a film? Have you ever used your imagination? These are the same kinds of state of mind as being in hypnosis.

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