I came to Steve to relieve some emotional issues that I had been having for a while and just felt I needed a little help. Steve put me at ease with his calm manner and was genuinely interested in what I had to say. I felt listened to. I felt in complete control during the session and now no longer feel weighed down by the negative emotions I was having.


I just want to say that since seeing you yesterday I’m in a totally different place. I’m happy, feel like myself, playing and laughing with the kids and enjoying the sun! Not quite sure how that happened but a dark cloud has lifted.


I went to see Steve for my anxiety with meetings, presenting and conference calls. After two sessions I had a completely anxiety-free conference call and am looking forward to my next meeting.


Being hypnotised by Steve is extremely relaxing – like a meditative experience. And once the issue was dealt with, my heart centre felt lighter and stronger.


Since experiencing the deep and beautiful work that Steve does, I notice that I am able to enjoy the process of performing and creating, without the ancient terror and possibility of shame and failure holding me back.


Steve used a variety of techniques and had real depth to his work. I felt I was in the hands of a very knowledgeable, caring man. I would happily recommend Steve and would definitely see him again if I felt I needed to.


I'd been in a really bad place for weeks. Every area of my life was a cause of intense distress. It was utterly miserable. After only one session with Steve, it all turned around, literally overnight. That was weeks ago and I still feel great! I'm now in a totally different and much better place.


Steve listens really well and he's really perceptive – I quickly got into memories where there was lots of trapped emotion that I didn't know about... I now feel so much better! It's such a profound experience... a bit like waking up from a bad dream.


As an actress who has to travel away to work, I have found working with Steve on Skype so useful; a wonderful tool to be able to have when away from home!


Steve is really great at this. He's a natural. Get down and see him! It's a real journey of discovery...


There has been an improvement with my sleeping in the last couple of months. I'm waking not as early and I am getting back to sleep more easily when I do wake up in the night... My sessions with you have helped.


[Since our session], I bizarrely seem to think about food less. I’ve pretty much stuck to 3 meals a day with no snacking which is unheard of for me. I also haven’t had any Coca-Cola since the session. I think I can continue as haven’t had any desire. The session gave me a lot to think on and I felt it was really productive. I just wanted to say thank you. I felt completely safe throughout the session.


Truly thankful for allowing me to pour out all that has been held back and to start loving myself without self-doubt. Will be booking in another session.


Steve Park Hypnotherapy

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