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Emotional Processing

Unresolved (trapped) emotions are toxic to you and to those around you.

When we suppress (or repress) an emotion, we do it with the best intentions – we may have been feeling the need to "keep it together" in that moment (to be functional, or socially acceptable); or perhaps we could not find the resources we needed to help us process the emotion (if it was new and confusing to us, or if it was unusually powerful)... Long beyond that moment, however, any unprocessed ("trapped") emotions will continue to be felt over and over in the dark depths of our subconscious (where we buried them), eating away at us from within.

Over time, such "bottled up" emotions build up chronic stresses in the body and mind. This stress finds whatever path it can to relieve the "pressure", exploiting any of the little weaknesses naturally present in your body-mind system. The result is a fairly unpredictable range of further (acute or chronic) symptoms, including headaches, migraines, neck ache, backache, digestive issues, heart disease, anxiety, depression, anger, fears or phobias, relationship issues, eating disorders… among many others.

1 in 10 people regularly experience alexithymia (difficulty identifying and expressing emotions).
In a normal year, 74% of people have felt so stressed they have been overwhelmed or unable to cope.
1 in 7 people say they do not have an outlet in their lives where they can express how they truly feel.
1 in 3 people admit they often lie about how they are feeling to other people; while 1 in 10 admit they always lie about their emotional state.
Chronic pain affects between one-third and one-half of the population of the UK.
(Data from: Mind UK | British Medical Journal | | | U.S. National Institute of Health)

Helpful hypnotherapy

I want to thank you for how you got me through the worst period in my life... You have given me tools I can use for a lifetime to help me when I perceive life is getting tough. Seeing you... was like being plugged into a giant calming battery, it got me through the weeks and turned my life around... I cannot recommend you enough... I wouldn’t hesitate on recommending you to anyone. You are amazing, I can’t thank you enough.


Fortunately, there are several techniques we can use to help you find, address and release any unprocessed emotions, so that instead of unconsciously reliving these old emotions and patterns, you can relieve them (and relieve yourself of the stress associated with them).

We believe that you carry within you (within your subconscious) all the resources you need to help process and release any trapped emotions – but you may benefit from some expert assistance to help you get in touch with those inner resources.

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