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Steve Park

A connected view –
The true end of the Dark Ages

Scientists in all fields are starting to think more holistically. We are starting to think of ecosystems rather than individual species. We know that the health of a species at the start of a food-chain affects the health of all the other species in the ecosystem.

In the same way, we are starting to understand the human body as a complex ecosystem. The average human body contains more non-human cells (belonging to bacteria and other micro-organisms) than human cells – and increasingly we are realising how the health of these populations affects the health of our system – just think of those "good bacteria" yoghurt adverts.

We are also exploring the many profound and complex interactions between our physical body, our nervous system, our endocrine system, our mind and our emotions. Finally, we are starting to emerge from a long Dark Age into this illuminating thought:

Mental and emotional health are absolutely equivalent to physical health. All are connected. All are vitally important.

When that revolution of thought is completed, all remaining stigma will be removed from mental/ emotional conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, anger and hopelessness. It will be no different talking about these conditions, and seeking help for them, than with any physical condition. If you fall off a ladder and break your arm, you should go to the physical health experts at the hospital and get it 'fixed'. Similarly, if you experience unwanted mental or emotional symptoms, you should go to the mind health experts (the hypnotherapists, counsellors, etc.) and get the issues 'resolved'. Either one of these treatment paths should be as obvious as the other. Avoiding either path has consequences – your opportunities are reduced, your life experience diminished.

Sensation and the mind

You will probably have heard of "Phantom Limb Pain", defined in the Encyclopaedia Britannica as "the ability to feel sensations and even pain in a limb or limbs that no longer exist".

In the case of phantom limb pain, where is the pain? It feels as though it is in that lost limb, but it cannot be. What if that individual is unconsciously remembering sensations (including pain) from before the limb was lost? What if the phantom limb pain is actually a re-experiencing of these 're-membered' sensations?

What if this pain is not physical at all, but a memory of pain?

This would mean that the pain is actually in the mind, but is felt or experienced in the body (albeit a part of the body that is no longer there)...

How much of our own pain is remembered rather than real?

This applies not just to physical pain, but to mental and emotional pain too... How much of what we experience as fear, worry, depression, anxiety, stress, anger, grief, etc. is actually just unprocessed memories of past experiences, projected onto an imagined future? – in other words, unnecessary and irrelevant to the here and now...

And how can we address this remembered pain? Obviously, we need to work with the mind. In a way, you need to be 're-minded' about what is real right now, and what you no longer need to pay attention to.

Hypnotherapy is the perfect tool for adjusting what you pay attention to and what you withdraw your attention from. It is also great for introducing subtle but profound shifts in our mental processes. Using hypnotherapy, we can seek out the memory (which is likely to be hidden in the subconscious), and gently remind it that the past experience and the present reality are two different things. The unhelpful, unreal, unpresent patterns can fade and dissolve. What we want is for our memories to support us in the present.

Afterthought –
What is health anyway?

"There’s a lot of back-to-front thinking in your world", says the reflection...
"You’re taught that health is the absence of unwanted symptoms. That makes sense to you. Then you eat and drink and have to deal with the 'unwanted symptoms' of your own waste. Can you understand that the process of elimination (which you are taught is 'natural' and vital for health) is no different to running a fever, or feeling sad, or suffering anxious thoughts (which you are taught are unnatural, unhealthy and undesirable)?
"Your life experience is nothing but symptoms. Deal with the unwanted symptoms, but do not suppress them. No symptoms = no life. Why would you look in the mirror, if not to see yourself? And if you don’t like what you see, does covering the mirror make you better?"

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